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Private Care

Our NHS Service may not be able to offer you the requirement you are looking for.
We offer a full Private Dental Service for many additional services and treatments.



0141 778 3016


Shettleston Smile Dental Surgery

948-950 Shettleston Road


G32 7XW

Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

Impulse posterior crown from £250.00

Katana Zirconia veneer or E max from £400.00

Private crown E max or Zirconia from £450

Bridge unit Zirconia from £500.00


F/F dentures from £350 for single arch or from £600 for dual arch

Partial dentures acrylic from £300

Partial dentures flex from £400-£450

Chromes from £400-450


Bleaching upper and lower arch from £250.00

Single arch from £150.00

Single bleach syringe from £20

Box of bleach syringes from £80

White Composite Fillings

Small from £65.00

Medium from £75.00

Large from £85.00

Sedation IV

 Sedation from £150.00

Root Canal Treatment

Sedation from £150.00

Sports Gum Shield

1 colour from £55.00

2 colours from £70.00

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